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Discipline Therapy for Adults

Adult Discipline

Spanking Therapy


Whichever term you prefer, what I do is relatively simple: through the use of corporal discipline, I help people who need assistance breaking habits, changing their behavior, resolving issues, achieving goals, or simply letting go of tension.

I work with women, men & couples & am located just outside 

Charlotte, NC.

August 28, 2018:
As some of my clients know, I've been looking for a small house that I can buy in which to do discipline & role play sessions; haven't found one with the right features & the right price yet but the search continues. Meanwhile, I will be resuming discipline sessions in my home space temporarily, during certain days in September. 

As of right now, my available days & times for sessions are as follows:

9:30am - (ending by) 2:00pm:
Tues Sept 18th, Thurs Sept 20th
Mon Sept 24th, Tues Sept 25th, Thurs Sept 27th.
Thurs Oct 4th
Mon Oct 8th, Tues Oct 9th, Thurs Oct 11
Mon Oct 15th, Tues Oct 16th, Thurs Oct 18th
Mon Oct 22nd, Tues Oct 23rd
Tues Oct 30th
I might have a few evening appointments (6/6:30pm - 8pm) becoming available but as of right now, I don't know which dates.

Discipline / Role-Play Sessions

 Then there's the more playful side of discipline therapy: if you aren't looking to work toward a goal, you simply want the occasional discipline session for stress relief or to resolve feelings of guilt for your behavior -- or just simply because you have a spanking or discipline fetish. 

Sessions can range from simple over the knee spankings to more elaborate role play scenarios. They can be one on one or with several disciplinarians (or a disciplinarian & another spankee to "get in trouble" along with you!) They might include various implements from the classic hairbrush, wooden spoon & freshly cut switch... to belts, canes & leather straps. 

An old fashioned spanking by Mother, your middle school teacher, or your next door neighbor can be just the thing for taking you back to a more simple time.  

 This is called Adult Discipline for a reason.

If you are 21 & over, we can talk about whether this is the right path for you.

If you are under 21, I will not work with you under any circumstances, so don't even ask.

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