Ms. Aria

Adult Disciplinarian

I'd definitely advise 1st time visitors to my website to read this page & the FAQ's page at the very least!

This will minimize the possibility of wasting 
your time & mine.

June 24, 2019

Still searching for the perfect session space. 

Until then, I am regretfully unavailable for sessions.

As many of my clients know, I've been looking for a small house that I can buy in which to do discipline & role play sessions; I haven't found one with the right features & the right price yet but the search continues. 

February 2018

Due to time constraints & personal obligations, I am taking a break from doing sessions. Hopefully, not for long term, but I can't say right now for how long.

Obviously, I'll update here & on spanking sites if & when I'm back.


January 2017...
Well, another 
year has begun & I've been getting more & more into the role-play aspect of sessions. Magda & Violet are still joining me, & I'm hoping to find one or two more talented ladies this year. The more the merrier. I will, of course, continue to do one on one sessions as well...

March 2016...

 So... after several months of searching, I have found a fantastic assistant disciplinarian who is now officially available to join me for role play sessions.

Ms. Magda is an ultra-strict, no nonsense mature woman who perfectly embodies the classic Mother who never spared the rod. Back before the modern day "time outs" there was the maternal lap over which disobedient boys (and girls) were pulled for a sound spanking with Her firm hand, a wooden spoon from the kitchen, Her hairbrush, or even Her house slipper.

Whether Ms. Magda is adapting her natural "I know best" attitude to a scenario in which she's being Aunt Maggie or a school principal or the next door neighbor whose window your baseball just broke, she will not be interested in hearing excuses!

I've added a few pictures to my photo page, & will add more as I accumulate them...

December 2014...

New addition!!

I am working with yet another young woman who is available to join role-play sessions as a spankee (or as a switch).

Now, to clarify that, Violet is only spanked by me or one of my assistant disciplinarians. She does not do nude sessions or take spankings without wearing a thong, & she does not receive heavy spankings to the point of bruising. She is strictly light to moderate.

Also, Ms. Anne is available to join sessions on a very limited basis until further notice. However,Violet will be filling in for Anne for 3 disciplinarian sessions only -- although primarily a spankee, she has started working with me as an apprentice disciplinarian & in my opinion, her role playing abilities more than compensate for her newness at giving spankings. 


**(You can skip past the rest if you've been here before & are just checking for updates.)**

Yes, this is kind of a wordy website, I know, but since I do several very different types of session, there's a lot of material to cover...

Also, just thought I'd mention this: I'm not a Domme. I don't do the whole Mistress thing with the leather boots & the major attitude ("kneel before me, slime, & worship at my feet, blah blah...") However, I do have my bitchy side & one thing that is absolutely guaranteed to bring it out is lack of basic courtesy.

I don't expect (or like) groveling, but when someone sends me an initial email consisting of a single line saying "I want u to spank me how much is it?" or "need discipline bin very bad boy where are u?" I assume they:

a) have no class,

b) are so used to texting language they've forgotten how to put a complete sentence together, or

c) are just rude.

Either way, emails like that strike my bitch nerve & not in a way that works in your favor -- you won't goad me into giving you an extra hard spanking, but you will goad me into moving your emails to a 'reject' folder, & you'll have to go annoy someone else. I have plenty of respectful, considerate people to do sessions with & I can be as picky as I like when accepting clients.

Politeness from you will earn politeness from me. Most people understand that. For those who don't, either figure it out or don't waste my time -- it's not my job to teach you basic etiquette.