Ms. Aria

Adult Disciplinarian


Discipline Sessions

(Non-roleplay) discipline sessions... 

can be part of an accountability program, or they can be a way to wipe away feelings of guilt, to motivate you, or simply to relieve stress.  

Before the Session...

Before a session, we'll establish what kind of session you're looking for -- goals you want to work on, or behavior you want to atone for...  

Even if you just want a "stress relief" spanking -- no particular reasons or issues, just a cleansing, cathartic spanking -- we'll still go over your experience (if any), limitations, expectations, etc. 


Once we've got that established, I'll set up a schedule (generally once a week) for you to email me a report  -- what progress you've made, any slip-ups you've had... The purpose of these regular reports, other than keeping me up to date, is to keep you focused on the issues. Often, we don't even notice that we've done "it" again (or didn't do it) until the moment is long past. By keeping a daily checklist, it's easier to catch yourself in time.

And for those inevitable times that you do slip up, or start to become complacent, there are the actual discipline sessions. Accountability only works if the consequence is something you really don't want  -- as opposed to people who find spankings either enjoyable or painful but necessary for emotional release.  (Just so you know, lots of people do.)

Session Details...

A discipline session generally lasts about an hour & involves some or all of the following: hand spanking, paddling, strapping, or caning -- what I use depends on each person's tolerances. Ideally, it will be intense enough for you to still feel it for a day or two.  We'll use various positions -- over the knee, bent over a chair, etc. 

(I don't do a full hour of over the knee, which people sometimes ask for -- it's too difficult to get enough "oomph" while seated. I also do not do a full session of hand spanking -- hit a wall with your palm for an hour & you'll see why not. Then do several more hours that same day & you'll really see why not. I'm not the one who's supposed to get the bruises!) 

Generally, a bare bottom is sufficient & I suggest women (& men, if you like) wear thong underwear. This is so the fabric doesn't get in the way & so I can see the condition of your skin. You probably will have some bruising or welts afterward (the extent of bruising depends a lot on the sensitivity of your skin) & a very heavy session might break the skin -- whether we continue at that point is up to you.

It's normal to be nervous, before your first session; I will always take the time to talk to you for a little while the first time we meet, so you can ease into it -- plan on allowing extra time for your first session. 

And, of course, you can change your mind at any time -- unlike BDSM scenes, discipline sessions will never include restraints of any kind. However, if you do choose to walk out of a session before I decide that we're finished, all therapy &/or fees will be considered forfeit. The only way accountability can work is if there is follow-through. Like the mother who counts to three over & over again without ever doing anything, the effectiveness of discipline therapy lies entirely in the existance of consequences.


My fees start at $100 a month for accountability (based on frequency of check-ins, phone check-ins, etc.)

Disciplinary sessions can be very different in the details, so the session fee will be determined once I know the specifics of what you're looking for.


I am generally available for sessions:

Mondays: 9:30am - 4:00pm;

Tuesdays: 9:30am - 4:00pm;

Wednesdays: 9:30am - 11:30am;

Thursdays: 9:30am - 3:30pm & *6:00pm - 8:00pm;

Fridays *6:30pm - 8:00pm.

*There is an additional charge for evening sessions.

I am not available on weekends.

I do not currently travel for sessions; clients must be able to come to me.

During all sessions with men or couples, there will be another person on the premises for security. You will never run into him (unless, of course, your behavior &/or actions make it necessary for him to go into bouncer mode) & your privacy will always be completely respected, but someone will always be present & this is non-negotiable.