Ms. Aria

Adult Disciplinarian


Session Types... 

There is spanking therapy & there are spanking fetishes

The first is a method of achieving goals, breaking habits, or sometimes simply relieving guilt, stress or anxiety. When you use spankings in order to work toward your goals or break habits, we're dealing with simple -- but effective -- behavior modification. Even if spanking sessions are no more complicated than stress relief, it's still a form of therapy.  

For a long time, I dealt only with therapeutic spankings, but later decided to expand my services to include roleplay & fetish spankings as well.

Obviously, there can be some overlap between the two: if you experience a session more intensely when the disciplinarian plays a role that strikes a chord with you, it can still be therapeutic. For the most part, though, the two types are divided into therapy spankings & roleplay spankings.

Either way, let me make one thing VERY clear -- I do not disrobe during sessions. Period. If your roleplay fantasy or fetish involves any nudity on your disciplinarian's part, sorry - you'll have to find someone else. 


Role-play sessions can cover a huge variety of scenarios; I generally stick to several basic types that don't fit the whole S&M leather type of scene: mother/naughty child; employer/employee; teacher/student... In other words, more domestic or realistic scenes as opposed to mistress/slave or interrogations.


2 (or 3) Disciplinarians...& maybe a 2nd spankee?

Many scenarios are even more interesting with two female disciplinarians -- for example, headmistress/teacher/student; mother/sitter/naughty child... My assistants (or disciplinarians in training) are available to join both role-play & stress relief sessions; both are only available as additional participants & do not do one-on-one sessions at this time.

Violet is also available to join sessions as a second spankee (as in those times when two students get caught smoking in the schoolyard & both get called into the principal's office together!)


Long Distance Sessions...

If you aren't within travelling distance, I also do long distance sessions either via Skype, phone or email. I know, it's not the same as in-person, but it can be... interesting.

Skype sessions can be either role play or part of an accountability program. Often if someone lives too far to see me in person, I will use Skype sessions for things like scolding, corner time, & sometimes self-spanking (although I've never found that to be all that effective). My personal preference for these long distance situations is to combine weekly emails, Skype sessions, & visits to a disciplinarian or dominatrix in your area as needed -- although most of my clients don't want the S/M, black leather scene, having a local dominatrix administer spankings as my stand-in can be an excellent & effective compromise!

Either of my assistants can also join Skype sessions. And if that seems like we're ganging up on you... oh well! ;)

Male Disciplinarian...

*For female clients only, I also now work with a male disciplinarian who can join sessions, or do one-on-one sessions. Some of my female clients would prefer a male disciplinarian but don't have anyone safe to go to; I am happy to have someone I know well & can absolutely vouch for. He is a fantastic disciplinarian, can do both role-play & real discipline, & can also switch, if your scenario requires something different. Again, he works with female clients only.


I also work with couples who would like to make domestic discipline part of their relationship but aren't sure how to start, or who have tried it & feel like something isn't quite working.

It's difficult to know just how widespread domestic discipline has become, but judging from the number of people visiting the websites, it seems to be gaining popularity. I won't try to explain or dissect domestic discipline (DD) here -- there are plenty of excellent websites out there that already do that; my role is simply to assist couples who are having difficulty getting started, or are running into problems making DD a part of their everyday relationship.

I can work with you either exclusively through email or through hands-on teaching sessions. Usually, I find that the most efficient way is to do at least one hands-on session, followed by whatever amount of further guidance is needed via email, but since each relationship is unique -- and considering distance problems -- there's room for flexibility.

Options include having the couple come in for sessions during which I will spank the husband in the wife's presence. Eventually she may choose to get involved & may end up feeling perfectly capable of handling the discipline without any further assistance. Or a wife (or husband) may want to send the husband (or wife) out for discipline rather than do it her/himself.